Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Out & About

Feel like a slacker for neglecting my blog but the truth is that I have been out and about, just keep forgetting to bring my camera along. Still, I've been able to snap some decent pics with my iPhone, especially with the Pano app (my favorite photography app of them all). Here's a collection of my whereabouts.

View from my balcony during a Brickell sunset. Really can't beat this. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in Miami.

Paid my first visit to The Filling Station, a local joint downtown that just started to stay open on the weekends. Guess they realized people actually live, not just work, in this part of town. Well, I'm glad they did because their spicy jerk chicken wings set my mouth on fire and the ice cold Milk Stout was just what I needed to keep my lips from not burning off. I'll definitely be back to this place, and perhaps on karaoke night. 

Miami Circle Park (behind the Icon) is now finally open after 12 years in the making. Taxpayers bought this ancient site for $27 million to save it from becoming a plot for another high-rise condo. This Miami Herald article does a great job detailing the park's history, dating back 2,000 years ago when Miami’s first settlers, the Tequesta tribe, were believed to have engaged in reverential ceremony. It's so nice to have this little slice of green to enjoy. Situated in the heart of the city, and just a few steps from my front door, I like to come here after work with Rusty. 

Now this is pretty. I took this picture right before we sailed off on our cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. Now, I'm not much of a cruise person (overwhelming buffets, cheesy entertainment, touristy destinations) but truly enjoyed getting away for a few days to celebrate my birthday. When we docked back at the Port of Miami, we looked at each other and decided we have to do this more often. Good book + sunny lounge chair + fruity drink + ocean view = happy place. 

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  1. Boat drinks and gin clear water. It's why we live where we do. Live, Laugh, Snap brings it again. Great post, great pics, great ideas....