Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Being a mom

Today, Mark and I took Benny to his four month check-up. It's been four months. Four amazing, life changing, totally chaotic months.

I've tried writing a new blog post numerous times. But then I'm needed for one reason or another - by baby or husband or work - and this blog post falls to the bottom of the list, right behind taking a shower.

Alas! Here I am again.

When I was pregnant, everyone told me my life was about to change forever. That I was about to experience a whole new kind of love that can't be described in words. That I was going to be extremely sleep deprived. That I was going to cry for no reason at all. That time would become so precious. But I had no idea.

I'm a mom. And it's the most challenging role I've ever had. I thought I was going to be a natural because I've always wanted kids. I also thought I was going to have an easy baby. Why? I dunno, my mom told me I was an easy baby. Is there even such a thing as an easy baby?

The first two months were exhausting in every which way. But then it started to get easier. I started to get to know my baby. I could tell when he was hungry or tired. When he needed to be rocked or sang to. And when I couldn't figure him out, his dad seemed to always have the magic touch.

I fall more in love with this little man everyday. It's incredible to watch him grow and develop. I get so excited by all the little things, that really aren't that little at all to me. Like when he smiles ear to ear and those dimples pop out. Or when he studies Mark playing guitar. Or at the doctor's office today when he decided to roll over! Ya know, just showing off for the doc.

Well, as expected, I can hear him crying from the other room and that's all the time I have for now. Until next time...

Friday, August 14, 2015

Waiting for baby

I'm 40 weeks plus 2 days pregnant and anxiously awaiting the birth of our son. The calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages, etc. have been insane. Appreciate all the love but everyone wants to know where he is (um, still in my belly...) and when he's going to make his debut (your guess is as good as mine...). I've been doing everything possible to stay busy and enjoy these last few days as a family of three - yes, I'm including Rusty. So for all the future mamas out there eagerly awaiting the arrival of their own little bundles, here are some things that may help pass the time.

1. Get out of the house. Stop nesting, put down the mop, and just leave. Meet up with friends for lunch, go to a bar (even though you can't drink) and make friends with the couple sitting next to you (we did that last night and it was so fun), visit a museum, etc. etc. You're going to be housebound very soon!

Girls lunch! 

2. Go for lots of long walks. Rusty and I have been walking about two miles a day. We hear this might get the baby moving towards the exit sign. No luck just yet. But it's been really nice to put on a pair of headphones and explore our neighborhood. Make sure you bring water for your trek.

Belly shot while walking the poodle

3. Plan some date nights. Last weekend we did dinner and a movie. Nothing fancy, but something we know we won't get to do for a while once baby arrives.

4. Finish your non-baby to-do list. The nursery is ready to go, newborn clothes have been washed and put away, and the car seat is installed. Now what? Take your car to get serviced. Get the dog groomed. Back up all the photos on your iPhone. Return that thing you've been meaning to return. You get the picture.

5. Get into a good non-baby book. I just downloaded The Hand that Feeds You and am excited to start reading it.

Ok, that's enough for now. Everyone is telling us to sleep now (!!!!!) but I have major pregnancy insomnia and am up every couple hours to use the bathroom. If you're in the same boat, I feel your pain - hopefully these few things will keep you busy until baby arrives! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Living Room

Decorating a row home in Washington, D.C. is no joke. The majority of our existing furniture wouldn't fit through the front door or up the narrow staircase. It wasn't long until we realized we had to start new...which is tough after emptying your savings account to buy the house in the first place. While we're still adding and subtracting things here and there, our living room is complete so I wanted to share on LLS, especially before it's taken over by baby stuff in about a month.

First, let me tell you about the brick wall. The weekend before we moved in, my husband and I recruited a friend (in exchange for free babysitting) to expose this beautiful brick. It was the best/worst decision ever. The wall took over a week to complete and we had to call in professionals to finish and seal it. Reminder, we were broke. I should probably write a separate post just on the brick wall. In the end, I'm glad we did it despite the sleepless nights, sore back for weeks, and never-ending plaster dust.

The couch, coffee table and gray wing chair (sorry it's cut off in the photo), are all from West Elm. The couch was a floor model so we got it for a good price and we waited for a sale to buy the other two pieces. The blue chair and ottoman are from Ikea and were also floor models. The lamps were originally in our bedroom but no longer fit the space, and the gallery wall frames are also from Ikea.

Our entertainment console is from Nadeau and is probably the most complemented piece of furniture in the room. You have to open the doors for the remote control to work which is annoying at times. Oh well. It's pretty.

Our LEBO painting has been with us since our first date and looks great on the brick wall. It also gets a lot of complements and everyone loves the story behind it (which I'll save for another post too).

I love this key rack. It was a wedding present from Mark's sister and I believe it's from the Coconut Grove Art Show but don't quote me on that.

And I had to include the moose from the Container Store. The only reason I let my husband spend $40 on this is because we had a gift card. But I'm glad he was insistent because I really like the moose and we use it to hang headphones.