Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Being a mom

Today, Mark and I took Benny to his four month check-up. It's been four months. Four amazing, life changing, totally chaotic months.

I've tried writing a new blog post numerous times. But then I'm needed for one reason or another - by baby or husband or work - and this blog post falls to the bottom of the list, right behind taking a shower.

Alas! Here I am again.

When I was pregnant, everyone told me my life was about to change forever. That I was about to experience a whole new kind of love that can't be described in words. That I was going to be extremely sleep deprived. That I was going to cry for no reason at all. That time would become so precious. But I had no idea.

I'm a mom. And it's the most challenging role I've ever had. I thought I was going to be a natural because I've always wanted kids. I also thought I was going to have an easy baby. Why? I dunno, my mom told me I was an easy baby. Is there even such a thing as an easy baby?

The first two months were exhausting in every which way. But then it started to get easier. I started to get to know my baby. I could tell when he was hungry or tired. When he needed to be rocked or sang to. And when I couldn't figure him out, his dad seemed to always have the magic touch.

I fall more in love with this little man everyday. It's incredible to watch him grow and develop. I get so excited by all the little things, that really aren't that little at all to me. Like when he smiles ear to ear and those dimples pop out. Or when he studies Mark playing guitar. Or at the doctor's office today when he decided to roll over! Ya know, just showing off for the doc.

Well, as expected, I can hear him crying from the other room and that's all the time I have for now. Until next time...

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