Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Living Room

Decorating a row home in Washington, D.C. is no joke. The majority of our existing furniture wouldn't fit through the front door or up the narrow staircase. It wasn't long until we realized we had to start new...which is tough after emptying your savings account to buy the house in the first place. While we're still adding and subtracting things here and there, our living room is complete so I wanted to share on LLS, especially before it's taken over by baby stuff in about a month.

First, let me tell you about the brick wall. The weekend before we moved in, my husband and I recruited a friend (in exchange for free babysitting) to expose this beautiful brick. It was the best/worst decision ever. The wall took over a week to complete and we had to call in professionals to finish and seal it. Reminder, we were broke. I should probably write a separate post just on the brick wall. In the end, I'm glad we did it despite the sleepless nights, sore back for weeks, and never-ending plaster dust.

The couch, coffee table and gray wing chair (sorry it's cut off in the photo), are all from West Elm. The couch was a floor model so we got it for a good price and we waited for a sale to buy the other two pieces. The blue chair and ottoman are from Ikea and were also floor models. The lamps were originally in our bedroom but no longer fit the space, and the gallery wall frames are also from Ikea.

Our entertainment console is from Nadeau and is probably the most complemented piece of furniture in the room. You have to open the doors for the remote control to work which is annoying at times. Oh well. It's pretty.

Our LEBO painting has been with us since our first date and looks great on the brick wall. It also gets a lot of complements and everyone loves the story behind it (which I'll save for another post too).

I love this key rack. It was a wedding present from Mark's sister and I believe it's from the Coconut Grove Art Show but don't quote me on that.

And I had to include the moose from the Container Store. The only reason I let my husband spend $40 on this is because we had a gift card. But I'm glad he was insistent because I really like the moose and we use it to hang headphones. 

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