Sunday, April 24, 2011

Earth Day Yoga

Since the Wanderlust Festival, I've been dedicating more time to my yoga practice. There were a ton of events taking place in Miami to celebrate Earth Day but I decided to check out YogaBliss at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

The free class was taught by Keith Fox and held outside on the lawn with live music. It was my first time visiting the Botanical Gardens - I had no idea such a peaceful green space existed in the heart of South Beach. Keith led about 200 or so fellow yogis through an hour and a half of vinyasa flow. It was a hot day (I left with an intense sports bra sunburn) but thankfully there was a little breeze and the sponsors (Zico and Mix1) were nice enough to walk around and leave ice cold beverages on our mats. After the class, a free yoga retreat in Costa Rica was raffled off, which I sadly did not win, but all the money from the raffle went to benefit the MahaShakti Foundation - an organization that spreads yoga throughout South Florida especially to those in need. Here are some shots from the day.

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  1. Hey Amanda, I want to do yoga but at the moment I’m a college girl. So I don’t have time to do all yoga poses but after checking this earth yoga , I am excited about yoga practices.