Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Thought I'd share a few things that are currently making me happy, starting off with this beautiful black semi lace dress which I have been eyeing at The Dressing Room - a cute locally-owned boutique in South Miami. Knew this beauty had to be mine after spotting it in the window when the shop was closed. 

Sadly, one of my orchids that I've had for six months took a turn for the worst this weekend. In just two days all the blooms wilted and fell off. So here is its replacement which I got from a vendor today at the Mary Brickell Village Farmer's Market. 

My girlfriend Eleni is going to teach me how to make her famous Key Lime Pie! I bought the ingredients over the weekend, including a whole bag of key limes. My mouth is salivating already.

Ta da! Here is my first attempt at making Red Velvet Cake Balls, inspired by Bakerella. While simple, this was a whole day process, but in the end totally worth it. Now I just have to get these cake balls out of my house, quickly, before I eat them all and gain 10 lbs.


  1. if anyone is wondering.... those cake balls were beyond amazing!!! Love this post!

  2. Brickell-Life bought a couple baskets of key limes this weekend also for our first attempt to make a key lime pie. Perhaps we have a Key Lime Pie Brickell Showdown? Bring it...