Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day at the National Zoo

Last weekend I took my sister, her husband and my nephew Dylan to check out the National Zoo when they were in town. On our way in we caught a glimpse of one of the Giant Pandas, couldn't tell if it was Mei Xiang or Tian Tian, but he or she was too far away to snap a good photo. The great apes were out and about though and we caught them during feeding time which always draws a crowd. It was a fun day and definitely worth the trip! Plus, the National Zoo offers free admission because it is a Smithsonian. Gotta love that about Washington, D.C. Keep an eye on the zoo's Twitter feed to find out if Mei Xiang is preggers with a baby panda! She was artificially inseminated last month and you can actually view some pretty crazy photos of the process here

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