Monday, May 30, 2011

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

I've been meaning to make these delicious dark chocolate covered pretzels ever since one of my favorite bloggers Cupcakes and Cashmere posted ones similar on her site. These are the perfect treat to make when time is of the essence. Not to mention, only three ingredients are required  - pretzels, chocolate and sprinkles. It was a friend's birthday and I wanted to bring a little something over to surprise him. I already had two of the ingredients in my pantry so after a quick run to Publix for pretzels, I went to work. I think this took me a total of 20 minutes, plus drying time. I recommend using chocolate candy coating instead of the chocolate morsels you find at the grocery story because candy coating melts and dries much faster. I used white sprinkles because I already had them but next time I am going to have to try different colors. How perfect would these be in pink or blue for a baby shower? Or, make them in team colors for a game viewing party. So many tasty options!

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  1. awesome post!!!!
    honey congratulations!! =D