Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learning HDR photography

Ok, so here is my first attempt at HDR photography. While messing with my camera's settings, I discovered how to automatically take three photos at three different exposures at once while in burst mode - so you really don't even need a tripod if you can keep your hands kinda steady.

A fellow photographer friend of mine recommend an HDR program called Photomatix. I downloaded the Light version for $40 and decided to give HDR a whirl. This program combines the three different photos into one vibrant, colorful, detailed image that pops off the screen. 

The first two shots were taken on my balcony in Brickell. The first shot, I took after realizing my camera had this fun setting designed for HDR photography. When I showed the effect to my boyfriend, he was like "my turn, my turn" and took the second shot of me standing on the balcony. 

Must say, we have a pretty outstanding view. Never thought having a view was THAT important until I moved here...

This next image is from the Icon pool - probably the nicest pool in all of Miami. We had a fun day celebrating Adam's (right) birthday. More pics of me being paparazzi to come! This image came out more blurry than I had hoped, but hey - this is my first attempt at HDR. 

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