Monday, September 27, 2010

Book Club Brunch

This summer, a couple girlfriends and I started a book club and no, we're not 40 years old. Why is that the first question everyone asks?

Our book club rocks. We meet about once a month to discuss the latest novel of choice, drink girly beverages and munch on delicious treats.

This past Sunday, we met for about an hour over bagels and Berry Fizz and I brought my camera to take a few shots. I must say, the Berry Fizz concoction received some rave reviews and I think everyone left book club feeling good.

Without further adieu, here is the recipe and of course, the pics. Enjoy!

Berry Fizz 
2 bottles of champagne
1 package of frozen lemonade
1 packager of frozen mixed berries

In a large punch bowl or carafe, mix frozen package of lemonade with one bottle of champagne. Add frozen berries. Then add half of the second bottle of champagne. You can use the whole thing, but I suggest tasting first so you don't make it too strong. Slowly stir for a few minutes until everything melts and serve in glass of choice.

And the BERRY FIZZ!! 

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