Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall in the Country

I totally crashed a guys trip last weekend, packed up the poodle and tagged along with the fiancé to visit our good friend Andy in Baltimore. We started the trip at a ridiculous BYOB sushi joint in Fells Point called Asahi Sushi. We woke up the next morning, after a lot of sake, and drove about 20 miles outside of the city to the beautiful country. Fall looks completely different in the country - the colors are brilliant! After a gorgeous hike in the woods with the pups, I joined the boys on the golf course to be their cheerleader. Really, I just drove the cart and laughed when one of them chucked the ball in the water, which happened more than a couple times. It was way more entertaining than it sounds. Guess you have to know these guys. Check out the pics below which were all taken with my iPhone! 

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