Monday, July 9, 2012

California Pit Stops

Below is really just a mod podge of photos. We've been taking full advantage of our time in California and have discovered some great spots, like El Pescado Fish Market and Karl Strauss Brewery - both in La Jolla. We also made a quick trip to visit friends in Los Angeles this weekend, one of which who lives in a 100-year old house in Los Feliz. Outside he had lemon, grapefruit and avocado trees! It's rare to find this in L.A. In fact, his house is the only one left on a street now filled with apartments. 

During our visit, we also saw a friend perform in "The Late Henry Moss" at Theater 68. The play runs until early August so be sure to check it out and support local artists. A final quick note to pet owners traveling to L.A. Stay at Hotel Palomar! We were completely blown away by how wonderful they are to dogs. Upon checking in, we were even given a doggie gift basket with food and treats...for free!  Little did we know that all Kimpton Hotels are pet-friendly and don't charge extra. Must admit, they won me over as soon as I saw the sign out front welcoming Rusty, and all the other cats & dogs. Just goes to show it's the little things that make all the difference...we're now Kimpton fans for life. 

Fish Tacos at El Pescado

Enjoy a beer at the Karl Strauss Brewery

At Hotel Palomar in L.A. - the best dog friendly hotel

Home grown avocados

100-year old Los Feliz house with character 


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