Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Wanderers

I'm still amazed at all the beauty fall in Washington, DC has to offer. The yellow, red and orange leaves covering the city is beyond gorgeous. This particular street photographed below is Swann Street - one of my favorites and it's not hard to see why.

A new mural went up on the side of Ben's Next Door on U Street, "The Alchemy of Ben Ali" by artist Eric B. Ricks. I actually walked by a few weeks ago and snapped this photo when it was about 75 percent complete. Check out a few photos of the finished mural on Prince of Petworth and be sure to watch this behind-the-scenes video on the project. 

I hardly ever make it to Georgetown, especially because the buses run less frequently on the weekends and there is no metro. However, on Sunday I decided to keep my boyfriend company on the Georgetown campus. Along our trek, we admired all the adorable row houses and estimated how many millions each one costs. Before heading back, we stopped at the Marvelous Market where we picked up a bottle of Chesapeake Bay Crab Salsa. Incredible! As you can see, we're already half-way through the bottle. 

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