Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Strolling NYC

There is so much to love about New York City but for me it's the walking...you get to see new things every time you cross the street. Living in South Florida, my day-to-day often seems too routine. Not much to look at, smell, or listen to driving up I-95 every morning.

Don't get me wrong, Miami has a ton perks. Take for instance my gorgeous, brand new, luxury downtown apartment overlooking the bay which I would NEVER be able to afford if it was transported to the Big Apple.  The weather here isn't too shabby either, but then again it doesn't really change much - adding to my whole stuck in the same routine problem.

I often wonder if I'd be able to cut in NYC. Could I deal with the brutal cold? Keep up with the highly competitive, fast-paced business world? I'm not really sure, but one day I'd like to try. In the meantime, I'll just continue to visit.

This past weekend, I wandered all over the city with friends and even make it to Brooklyn for the first time! Going back through my photos, I realized I didn't take nearly enough but I was still able to get some decent shots. No worries, I'll be back soon New York.


  1. OMG! You are fabulous! These pictures are AMAZING!

  2. These pictures are AWESOME. I swear you are a professional!

  3. You are so freakin talented! And hello... when did this happen - LOVE your new blog honey!