Monday, May 21, 2012

Exploring DC

Sunday was a gorgeous day and I really didn't have much to do except for a few errands. I decided to take advantage of the time and go exploring around town by bike. Let me just say that joining Capital Bike Share was a brilliant decision and I highly recommend to anyone living in DC without a car. And yes, I am that dork with a bright pink helmet! 

My first stop was the National Sculpture Garden. I brought a book along and sat by the fountain sunning myself. It must be tourist season here because the National Mall was packed with people and graduates in cap and gown, and the double decker tour buses were out in full force clogging up traffic. 

Next was a quick trip to the National Archives Museum on my way to grab a bike home. Said hello to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Ya know, just an average Sunday. 

I felt a little guilty knowing Rusty was inside all day and not getting to enjoy the beautiful weather. I picked up the poodle and we spent an hour or so lounging at Meridian Hill Park. 

You never know what you're going to see when you come to this park. Tightrope walkers, hula hoppers, yogis and you may even catch a few arrests! Yup, saw some dude getting hauled away in a cop car for what I assume was selling or possessing illegal drugs...but that's just my speculation. Nonetheless, we had a good time and met some new friends. 

The day ended with dinner at Lauriol Plaza but of course the restaurant had a ridiculously long hour and a half wait so we walked across the street to find $2.50 sake and Kirin Light. Not a bad day at all!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Soul Food for Breakfast

When I first moved to DC, about eight months ago now, a friend drove me around the neighborhood in the pouring rain and pointed out a little diner on the corner and said go there when you're hungover and craving greasy food. I actually stuck my head out of the window to take a picture so that I wouldn't forget Florida Avenue Grill, on the corner of Florida & 11th Street. 

Well, it took me some time but I finally made my way back, only I wasn't hungover and it was 1pm on a Thursday. Doesn't get more southern comfort food than this place and I practically licked my plate clean. My scrambled eggs and turkey bacon came with a side of buttermilk muffins and spiced apples. And of course we had to order a side of the famous hotcakes. You practically had to roll us home but it was well worth it. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day at the National Zoo

Last weekend I took my sister, her husband and my nephew Dylan to check out the National Zoo when they were in town. On our way in we caught a glimpse of one of the Giant Pandas, couldn't tell if it was Mei Xiang or Tian Tian, but he or she was too far away to snap a good photo. The great apes were out and about though and we caught them during feeding time which always draws a crowd. It was a fun day and definitely worth the trip! Plus, the National Zoo offers free admission because it is a Smithsonian. Gotta love that about Washington, D.C. Keep an eye on the zoo's Twitter feed to find out if Mei Xiang is preggers with a baby panda! She was artificially inseminated last month and you can actually view some pretty crazy photos of the process here